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Cap, meet feathers. Feathers, cap.

These projects run the gamut. Everything from lightweight adjustment of a prebuilt Wordpress theme, to customized design and implementation, to product launches and integrations of multiple external services. Tour around at your own pace...we’re not going anywhere.

Dog Decoder

A dog-training iPhone app. But it’s not the dog that gets trained; it’s you.

Vital Medicine

A complete web and business reboot for an innovative naturopathic healer.


Thousands of pages, millions of page views, two Webby awards. Web site for a cutting-edge magazine bridging spirituality, culture, and science.

Reinvention Summit

Strategy and technology consulting for the biggest online storytelling event ever.

Your Life’s Purpose

Jean Houston’s online course. Self-paced learning, downloadable audios, and a vibrant community platform.

Andrew Cohen

Spiritual teacher, controversial visionary, retreat leader and author. Complex web presence? You bet.

Bill McCart Consulting

Hand-crafted Wordpress site for a new consulting business.