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Vital Medicine

Deb Zucker called and said she was ready for Vital Medicine 2.0. Not just a redesign of her website, but a redesign of her entire business.

The project

Now that’s juicy! We worked together with Dr. Deb on every facet of the business. Yes, we did a full redesign of her brand and her web site. But there was a lot more too:

  • We conceived and scripted an introductory video for instant rapport on the web site. Shot and edited by the masterful Jed Share, we gave Deb a great way to invite people into the deep work that she’s doing.
  • We did a full re-architecting of her web presence. The site structure on her previous web site was (ahem) messy, desperately in need of simplification and organization. BOOM, done.
  • We customized her Wordpress installation to allow for an elegant approach to event and program management.
  • And, of course, we did a full launch of her new web site, including audio pages, a sophisticated engine for testimonials, and a gorgeous design that looks great on phones as well.

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