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Dog Decoder iPhone App

A genius dog trainer called us up and said she was sick of seeing people get bitten. She played us a video of a newsman who was a victim of a dog who had never hurt anyone before. “I saw that bite coming ten minutes before it happened. Why didn’t he??”

The project

We worked with Jill Breitner to create a fun, educational app for dog lovers. We brought in the best dog illustrator around, and she nailed it: Lili Chin turned Jill’s ideas into a set of illustrations that captured the detail we needed, without losing her signature sense of whimsy and delight.

The biggest (and most fun) part of the job was helping Jill articulate her vision. Taking her from the passion to prevent dog bites, through the long and wonderful process of research, storyboarding, design, programming, and finally deployment — we truly turned her vision into reality.

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