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Reinvention Summit

Storytelling is most definitely in. When the people at GetStoried needed some experienced help with putting together their product launch, they came to us.

The project

The Reinvention Summit is the largest-ever virtual gathering of marketers, change-makers, and creators who use storytelling as the secret to reinvention. Hundreds of participants, twenty speakers, over a five-day period...that’s a lot of moving parts.

The tech team had already been lined up, but hadn’t ever worked on a project this complex. Future Ground was called in to consult, and to ensure that the event — from the sales process to the delivery — went without a hitch.

Building a squeeze page for signups, a sales page for registration...that goes without saying. Plus a membership site for private content, with ties to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Add in the unavoidable back-end quirks and hassles, and you have a large pile of mess waiting to happen. When it comes to an event like this, creating a seamless experience for your users is a must, which is why the Summit brought in a seasoned team to create a robust technology platform.

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