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We build apps. And stuff.

Business apps and web sites are our bread and butter, and we do technology projects of all shapes and sizes. Tech is just a foot in the door though, as our expertise is in the bridging of business strategy and technology.

Product Launches

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Are you running your business with Excel? Trying to turn QuickBooks or AWeber or Gmail into a jack of all trades?

Well, you’re not alone. It’s the way most business start out. But to grow, you need to use the right tools for the job. And often, there isn’t a tool out there perfectly suited to your business.

Let us craft a custom app for you. It can be built for mobile devices for your in-the-field reps, or designed for your admins to do their work in the office.

Custom apps are for everyone these days. And they’re not as expensive as you may think.

Web Sites

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Your web site is your brand. Your mission. Your calling card to the world. And it’s often your first impression.

Your site might need to be simple and beautiful, or rich with information and full of detail. Whatever your end goal, a guide with experience in the creative process of webcraft will help you take it to a higher level.

We use Wordpress for most web sites. Lucky for you, we know the ins and outs, the deeper possibilities it offers. We can build you a Wordpress site that looks as unique as you do.

Of course, we speak all the buzzwords...just not in public. If we’ve done our job right, the technology will be transparent. And like a piece of art, you’ll be left only with the emotional resonance that comes when vision and execution unite.

What kind of web sites do we build? We’ve built all kinds, from single-page splashes to multi-thousand-page sites with databases, blogs, and interactive widgets. There are no boundaries here.

Technical Support

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Whatever type of business you own, you may not be fluent in all of the skills that are needed to run your business. Accounting. Public relations. And back-end technology.

Whether you have to move your site to a new server to gain more capacity, set up your email marketing system to take online registrations, or need to spam-proof the contact form on your web site, let us handle the heavy tech stuff. And you can do what you do best: run your business.

Shopping cart setup • Databases • Hosting • Software installation and configuration • Streaming videos • Teleseminars • Site analytics & visitor profiling •  Newsletters & email list management • Affiliate software setup • And more...

Strategic Consulting

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Here at Future Ground, we don't need to be the ones pushing pixels around, or tinkering with Wordpress plugins. If you already have people you know and trust, by all means use them!

Bring us in to fill the gaps. We’ve already made most of the big mistakes (and learned from them!), so we can help keep your team from making them too. Having an experienced support structure pays for itself many times over.

We can help you plan your next teleseminar, or design new user experiences, or select technologies for your new platform. It’s not easy to narrowly define the value of 15 years of deep web experience. Let’s just say: it’s a lot.

E-Books, Apps, Etc

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While web sites and technology consulting are our main offering, we work on plenty of projects that don’t fit neatly into that category.

We have production people who build e-books with elegance and simplicity. Programmers who do mobile apps, designers who build user experiences for tablets. We have music specialists who build audio galleries, video post-production artists, e-commerce wizards, site analytics gurus, and more.

If your project has anything at all to do with technology, we probably have access to the right genius for the job.